Collection that shows the truth
I am ready to show you a lot, but are you ready to accept what i show you?
Collection that shows the truth
I am ready to show you a lot, but are you ready to accept what i show you?
I am telling the truth

Hello, my name is X. I'm here to show the truth, to try to open people's eyes. Not everything that we are told in the media field is true, and I will prove it. The ANTIEZOMBIEBYX project will consist of three collections, and in the future it will be combined into one picture, and you will understand everything yourself.

This project is not created for the sake of getting money. I want to convey important information to people, but only time will tell if you are ready to accept it.


There will be three collections in this project. They will be 2D pictures, which at the end will be combined into one big picture and, if you wish, your picture can be delivered to you. A teaser which will tell the rest of the information will be posted on Twitter


The roadmap of my project is divided into three global stages, because each collection = each stage. Don’t worry, I painted everything as it should, but I chose this design because it’s more convenient, and I don’t care about the generally accepted Roadmap form.

First collection

The first collection is a collection of 110 pictures. Essentially similar to the beginning of the ANTIEZOMBIEBYX project. Of course, before the start of sales of the first collection, there will already be a lot of us, but this will not be enough to show what I have and complete the project. After the sale of the first collection, all owners of pictures will receive a poster within 2 months, which will depict their picture, and along with the poster, the owners will have a surprise - a flash drive. And what is on the flash drive, dear holders, you will find out upon receipt.

Second collection

The second collection is a stage of preparation for the completion of the third project, that is, it is not just drawing pictures, but also a set of audience. The second collection is a collection of 220 pictures, after the release of which it will be possible to combine the pictures of the first and second collections into one. The merged pictures will not be available for sale, they will give access to a private channel in which, in addition to certain types of information, communication with me will be available. It sounds boring, but as I wrote above, the second collection is a preparatory stage for the completion and denouement of the ANTIEZOMBIEBYX project.

Third collection

About the third collection, I won’t talk much, all I can say is that the collection will consist of 3495 pictures that will give to the same flash drive, and a surprise will await you. I will not say the rest now, because the time has not yet come. The information in this section will be updated 1 week before the start of sales of the third collection.


Mint collection will take place on a separate site, the link to which will be published in the project's Discord. There are 110 pictures in the project. The exact date of the mint will be announced upon reaching 10,000 subscribers on the project's Twitter.


Somer Himpson

Сontent maker

Somer Himpson-is a master of his own, content creator for the site, as well as social networks, part-time administrator in Discord, as well as Twitter.



X-creator, mastermind, artist, investor, and leader of the ANTIEZOMBIEBYX project. A man who knows his business like no other, a fighter for the truth.

Mary Gakkinon

Web Designer

Mary Gakkinon-is a specialist in her field. In addition to the web design of this site, he is responsible for the entire technical part of the ANTIEZOMBIEBYX project.


Mint date

26 August
Mint price

On which blockchain will the mint take place?

Mint will take place on the Solana blockchain.

How long will the roadmap described above last?

The above described in the Roadmap will last from a year to a year and a half.

Why exactly the ANTIEZOMBIEBYX project, the project I should pay attention to?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, if you are a person who came to the NFT world only to earn money, then this project is for you, because due to the limited nature of our product, as well as the large number of audience that will be, you can easily resell our painting for a higher price and make money on it. Secondly, our paintings and our project carry a deep meaning and will open your eyes to many things. And thirdly, you do not know what awaits you after the release of the "third final collection"

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